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Jornadas Odoo 2017

Over the past few years, we've been struggling so much to make Magento/Prestashop work smoothly with Odoo. This time is over! Say hello to ShopInvader, our new project at Akretion! ShopInvader is our new e-commerce platform built on top of Odoo and powered by LocomotiveCMS and Algolia. Odoo is now the only component in charge of all the business logic (cart, order, picking, invoice, ...etc.). We picked LocomotiveCMS as the rendering stack for its easy/elegant way to design site templates and content editing functionalities. Because the search experience is almost everything in e-commerce, we chose the best in class, Algolia. All these 3 modules work together as a happy family. Compared to the old and flawed Magento/Prestashop/Odoo integration, here are some of our cool benefits: no more (and over-engineered) synchronisation simple but powerful templating system with a low learning curve huge pick of traffic handled without impacting your Odoo instance easy export of huge product catalog ability to modify an existing order from Odoo Sounds exciting to you, right? Come to our presentation to see it live!

Sebastien Beau

Co-funder of Akretion with a long experience with e-commerce.

He started to work on Odoo in 2009, he is involved in many projects: connector, e-commerce (magento and prestashop), accounting... He is one of the founders of the OCA and he encourages everyone to join the OCA to build a better ecosystem for Odoo.

I have started the connector project with Magento and Prestashop.

Información práctica

01/06/2017 12:30
30 minutos
Auditorio Mobile World Centre